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[HiPOD] Need Privacy Solution for Hybrid Working Trend?

While we will be back to work, school, or social activities in an open plan space, here are key facts to anticipate:

√ It takes 20 minutes to regain your focus after a small distraction (Study from University of California)

√ Over 50% of people have a hard time concentrating in open-plan spaces (Study from University of Sydney)

√ Most people need a private moment to receive urgent voice or video call from work and loved ones.

There need to be suitable solution for privacy and to focus in an open plan workspace, educational area or public facilities. Introducing HiPOD privacy pods for single person use, couple discussion and group meeting in a safe enclosed POD, with acoustic comfort and smart features including:

 Good acoustic properties TUV -32 dB/NIC

 Adjustable brightness LED Lamp in a touch

 Air ventilation for better productivity

 USB and Power socket for easy charging

 Smart power usage with thermal sensor

Available Options :


for 1 pax standing, or additional stool to keep you comfortable for long stretches. Perfect to produce an incredible work from your endless task, study, or content, without distractions.


fits 2 pax standing discussion with a high table, or with a couple stools. Suitable for teamwork for two, private sessions or video and teleconferences.


for 1 pax with hanging table, ergonomically go in a comfy seat made efficient for long-term sessions.


meeting pod for up to 4 pax, perfect for sofa seaters as plenty of space inside. Making it possible to invite your colleague in for a chat or a shared video conference.


the spacious meeting pod allows team of 5 to 6 people to collaborate and everyone present, physically or virtually, shares the same vision freely.

Avoid environmental fatigue from loud background noise, ensure sensitive information leakage, and optimize your productivity with HiPOD privacy anytime, anywhere. HiPOD is smart and adaptive, especially in hybrid working trend amid pandemic or endemic. Learn more about HiPOD here

Stay safe and productive!

Persyaratan Permintaan Surat Dukungan HighPoint

Dibawah ini adalah persyaratan  untuk permintaan Surat Dukungan tender kepada HighPoint :

1. Mengajukan email / surat tertulis melalui [email protected] dan melakukan konfirmasi via telepon ke 021-54361118.

2. Menjelaskan keperluan pembuatan Surat Dukungan tersebut, terkait dengan waktu, tempat dan pekerjaan projeknya.

3. Memberikan data spesifikasi barang dan Bill of Quantity (BQ) yang diminta.

4. Memberikan data profil perusahaan sebagai berikut :

    -. Akta pendirian Perusahaan dan SK Menteri Kehakiman yang berlaku (bila ada perubahan mohon dilampirkan juga akta perubahannya)

     -. SIUP

     -. Domisili

     -. TDP

     -. NPWP

     -. KTP Direksi

     -. SPPKP

     -. Membuat surat komitment membeli barang dari HighPoint diatas materai 6000. Contoh surat seperti di bawah ini.

Surat komitmen membeli barang HighPoint tersebut agar dikirimkan aslinya ke alamat kantor HighPoint di jln. Danmogot km.12 No. 55 Cengkareng Timur, Jakarta Barat 11730, untuk mendapatkan Surat Dukungan Asli dari HighPoint bila diperlukan saat ada Klarifikasi pemenang tender.

Proses pembuatan surat dukungan ini memerlukan waktu 3 hari kerja (diluar hari sabtu, minggu dan hari libur nasional). Surat dukungan ini adalah murni sepihak dan sepenuhnya dari PT. Mitra Timur Lestari (HighPoint). PT. Mitra Timur Lestari dapat memberikan surat dukungan kepada customer yang memenuhi syarat-syarat permintaan surat dukungan  dan berhak menolak memberikan dukungan kepada yang tidak memenuhi persyaratan.

Dibawah ini adalah contoh surat pengajuan permintaan surat dukungan dan surat komitment untuk pembelian barang HighPoint.







HighPoint Acoustic enchanting Good Visual Elements for Workspace


UBS is one of the world’s largest and truly global wealth manager that provides financial advice and solutions to private, institutional and corporate clients worldwide, as well as private clients in all major financial cities.

Project Name : UBS
Location          : Sudirman, Jakarta
Requirement  : Manage echo and other excessive noise in their new space


When moving to a new office location, designers wanted to keep a “clean and formal” feel aligned with UBS brand guidelines. Thus, plans were developed for a beautiful, updated space that incorporated different textures and finishes. The existing hard surfaces were no doubt aesthetically appealing, but created an enormous amount of echo and additional noise. Overhearing office chatter is one of the worst offenders when it comes to distracting noise in the workplace.


Every space and surface require a unique approach to solving unwanted noise such as a single sound resonance. Incorporating HighPoint Acoustic Cube engineered to fit into any elevation, nook or cranny, create a marvellous pattern while retaining the brand’s image. In fact, custom HighPoint Acoustic Frontier ( made with Cube) added a dynamic aspect to the already distinctive design – made to absorb sound without compromising the visual design.


The end result of the project was a dynamic, trendy design that aligned with UBS brand. The baffles effectively absorb sound in the space and eliminate unwanted echo, making the office efficient work space that UBS needed.

OK, it’s your turn!

We believe in honest approach, introducing HighPoint Acoustic, that reducing reverberation, is functional and beautiful at the same time.

Contact us now to get free consultation on your acoustic problem. Our HighPoint Acoustic Specialist will be able to give you acoustic solution.

See our more products related to acoustic panel below:

See our more products related to acoustic panel below:

Vecho - New Product



Quitespace Frontier


HighPoint Acoustic brings New, Fun Theme ‘Acoustically’ to You!


By putting forward technology that takes the friction out of travel,, as the biggest online travel agency in Indonesia, connects millions of travellers to memorable experiences and incredible places to stay. The privilege itself reflects to company’s workspace that required acoustic control and effective interior plan.

Project Name  : Office
Location          : Sudirman, Jakarta
Requirement  : Reduce noise reverberation in rooms with (almost) full glass wall


Designers wanted to maintain the company’s open, welcoming environment for employees and clients to work and collaborate  in Breakout and Collaboration Area. But with expansive layout and glass surfaces throughout the space, the new design had the potential to be distracting for employees. Also, the client wanted a private and quiet space / phone booth to be more personal.


This expansive open-collaboration area needed a key visual and acoustic element to tie together the space’s key performance initiatives surrounding ambiance, sound, and visual projection for its numerous loose activities and events. With HighPoint Acoustic’s striking yellow AUTEX Frontier and bright, brilliant blue Composition creates fun yet casual ambience for workers to relax their mind during collaborate.


HighPoint Acoustic’s AUTEX Frontier hanging on open ceiling and Composition installed on wall surfaces are focal design element for the open plan office surrounded by full glass partition to absorb sound throughout the  common office area. HighPoint Acoustic products were custom designed to fit space and color palette, the result was effective noise reduction aligned with the company’s brand and identity.

Contact us now to get free consultation on your acoustic problem. Our HighPoint Acoustic Specialist will be able to give you a well rounded information and acoustic solutions.

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HighPoint Acoustic Ceiling Treatment Creates An Acoustically Beneficial Sound Environment

Akustik solutions

Owners of the building faced a conundrum: How to create Great Acoustic in an auditorium for Live and Interactive space? KPP Demokrat incorporated HighPoint Acoustic as part of a unified acoustic solution to control sound reverberation. HighPoint Acoustic CUBE 24 mm with customized design by HighPoint inhouse team add a twist to the traditional baffle look, providing a bold visual statement and great acoustic design.

About KPP Demokrat Wisma Proklamasi

A place for government officials, KPP Demokrat Wisma Proklamasi boasts the largest shared auditorium and media-press facility. The auditorium is a gathering area on the third floor where people can hold weekly gatherings, press releases, workshops, forums, and can even be utilized as a social hangout for staff and network to share stories and ideas.

Project Name   : Auditorium KPP Demokrat
Location            : Wisma Proklamasi, Jakarta
Inquiry              : Solution to absorb noise reverberation in big and crowd space

The Challenge

The main issue at hand was having a large amount of space occupied by several people, but also having to focus at the main event on stage as well as keeping the reverberation level set to a main source; the stage. The concept was to create an efficient room as they work as separate spaces, but also could be unified if there is a presentation in the main space. With this specific concept, an acoustic solution was needed due to the number of people talking, sound systems, and other loud activities taking place.

The Solution

Akustik solutions

KPP Demokrat opted for HighPoint Acoustic as their acoustic solution; as well as the floating triangle hanging accessories were installed by HighPoint in-house construction team throughout ceiling, helping disperse and absorb excessive sound. The hanging ceiling is also treated with excessive cool-white recessed lighting (downlight and hidden lamp)

The Result

Akustik solutions

HighPoint Acoustic CUBE 24 mm with customized design installed generate less reverberation throughout the facility, creating an acoustically sound space with a unique, eye-catching design.

Contact us now to get free consultation on your acoustic problem. Our HighPoint Acoustic Specialist will be able to give you a well rounded information and acoustic solutions.

We also provide other decorative products such as floorings e.g. premium carpet plank CarpetsInter also applied through KPP Demokrat Wisma Proklamasi Auditorium. See our more products below:

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Quitespace Frontier

HighPoint Acoustic – Balancing Aesthetic and Acoustic Comfort

HighPoint Acoustic -  Balancing Aesthetic and Acoustic Comfort
DBS Bank Office Jakarta Incorporates HighPoint Acoustic Panel to enhance Acoustic Comfort and improve Interior Aesthetic.

About DBS Bank Office Jakarta

DBS Bank Office, located in downtown area of Jakarta requires the bustle of staff – including managers and CEO – to be more productive in their new workspace. Mirroring the sophisticated vibe of its surroundings, the workspace features a conducive, relaxing atmosphere with interesting wall features.
Project Name : DBS Bank Office Jakarta
Location          : Gatot Subroto, South Jakarta
Inquiry            : Solution to Deflect and Absorb Noise Reverberation in new office

The Challenge

Bigger rooms are notorious for being loud—especially when outfitted with hard surfaces like wood, concrete, and glass. Hard materials cause sound waves to frantically bounce around the room. This CEO room was no exception. With this challenge in mind, DBS Bank Office Jakarta sought to strike a balance between fostering an intimate yet buzz-worthy acoustic atmosphere where executives can focusing on important group meetings, individual discussion, or even taking a work call could equally be enjoyable experience.

The Solution

Acoustic Solution

HighPoint Acoustic Panel named Cube with specialized design by interior consultant –and HighPoint as the contractor on this wall treatment, installed on prominent walls near guest area to complement the scale of the decor. With dynamic and formal design creates visual motion, bringing a unique texture and focal point to what would have otherwise been another hard, flat surface. The trapezoid cut acoustic solution adds depth to the space, while deflecting and absorbing the inevitable sound caused by both the materials inside the room and the users themselves.

The Result

Spanning less than five meter in length, the customized-design HighPoint Acoustic Panel Cube wrapped around featured walls make significant acoustic difference and visual statement. Customized acoustic panel bridges the gap between clean design and sound absorption. It stands out, without overwhelming a space, and matches many adaptive-reuse projects with formal aesthetics.

Contact us now to get free consultation on your acoustic problem. Our HighPoint Acoustic Specialist will be able to give you a well rounded information and acoustic solutions.

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Quitespace Frontier

Rak TV Model Minimalis Yang Tepat Untuk Ruangan Anda

Ada berbagai jenis rak TV yang bisa anda pilih untuk melengkapi dekorasi diruangan kantor maupun rumah. Rak TV saat ini tidak hanya digunakan untuk menopang TV saja namun juga bisa menjadi furniture yang multifungsi karena biasanya ia dilengkapi dengan berbagai fitur tambahan. Rak TV model minimalis sendiri banyak dipilih karena berbagai alasan seperti efisiensi ukuran, variasi gaya, serta harga yang relatif lebih terjangkau. Untuk referensi berbagai pilihan rak TV model minimalis dengan harga terbaik, anda bisa kunjungi situs resmi HighPoint Furniture.

Cara Memilih Rak TV Yang Tepat

Memilih rak TV yang tepat memang membutuhkan berbagai pertimbangan. Harga memang seringkali menjadi salah satu faktor penentu. Namun sebenarnya ada hal lain juga yang patut dipertimbangkan seperti kualitas bahan, jenis desain, kelengkapan fitur dan sebagainya. Berikut beberapa tips untuk memilih rak TV model minimalis yang tepat untuk ruangan anda:

  1. Sesuaikan dengan ukuran ruangan

Sebaiknya anda ukur dahulu ruangan dimana anda akan menempatkan rak TV. Ini untuk menimbulkan kesan seimbang pada ruangan. Jika rak TV berukuran terlalu besar sedangkan ruangan tidak begitu luas maka ruangan akan terlihat semakin sempit. Direkomendasikan untuk memilih rak TV dengan ukuran setidaknya 20% dari panjang TV.

  1. Pilih tinggi rak yang sesuai

Tinggi rak TV model minimalis yang akan anda pilih juga harus sesuai. Anda harus mempertimbangkan tinggi lantai keatap terlebih dahulu. Kemudian, pilih rak TV yang tidak membuat ruangan terlihat lebih sempit. Anda juga bisa mempertimbangkan jarak pandang dalam menentukan tinggi rak TV yang tepat.

  1. Pilih bentuk yang tepat

Rak TV model minimalis memiliki berbagai jenis desain dan bentuk. Anda bisa memilih yang sesuai dengan tema ruangan. Misalnya saja, anda bisa memilih rak TV model minimalis berbentuk compact dan smart untuk membuat ruangan terlihat lebih seimbang dan menarik. Jika anda memiliki ruangan dengan bentuk yang tidak biasa, maka anda juga bisa memilih bentuk rak TV model minimalis yang akan membuat tampilan ruangan lebih menarik. HighPoint juga menyediakan rak TV yang bisa ditempatkan disudut tanpa mengurangi estetika ruangan anda.