Meeting Room vs Meeting Pod Which is better?


The conventional meeting room, fully enclosed and acoustically private is perfect for those times when you need to discuss sensitive information. The same sense of privacy also blocks any outside distractions, allowing you to focus on the task at hand with no interruptions. And of course, they're not just for formal meetings or quiet work.


Firstly they’re expensive to build. Factor in costs for dedicated technology, power and all that extra furniture and suddenly the costs start to shoot up. That's before you even start to think about whether you have the space. And what happens if you move offices? Your new meeting room gets left behind. Alternatively, Meeting Pods Quick to install, cheaper to build and able to go with you when your company moves to new Building.


MOJO Dynamic Pod System serve many of the uses of meeting room but with less expense, less space (30% minimum space saving) and more flexibility. MOJO incorporates Noise Reduction function that optimizes speech eligibility and improve privacy. MOJO modular design can be slotted into whichever space you have available in a fraction of the time and cost of a meeting room.

MOJO Dynamic Pod System

So, Meeting Room or MOJO Meeting Pod? if you find total privacy or larger gatherings, you might want to stick to the traditional meeting room. But if you find your meeting rooms are regularly utilized by single occupants who just want some quiet time, or if you are looking to lower costs with the ability to move it when you want to, the meeting pod is a serious contender.

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