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SCRIIN Decorative Hanging Divider

SCRIIN Decorative Hanging Divider

Introducing SCRIIN, the latest innovation from HighPoint Acoustic, hanging divider solutions with decorative designs using Vecho acoustic panel for acoustic comfort and privacy. Scriin comes with its own practical fixing system for simple and seamless installation. Made using Vecho, a lightweight polyethylene terephthalate (PET) polyester panel that absorbs sound and promotes speech clarity by reducing reverberation and control background echo. Designed with CNC cut patterns allowing line of sight with a visual sense of division by beautiful hanging screens.

See our latest collections from SCRIIN: Batik Nusantara. An authentic, hereditary designs from Indonesian Batik with modern twist.

SCRIIN Decorative Hanging Divider

SC1 | Kawung

One of the oldest Batik motifs. Known in Java, providing valuable visual reference connected to Sakti, the Goddess of all creation in Hinduism. Kawung has many symbolic meanings, the palm blossom indicates purity while the palm fruit refers to fertility and hope.

SC2 | Parang

Parang is one of the classics that are widely used on Keraton Mataram Kartasura era. Other than courage and steadfastness, Parang also signifies tenacity and unconquerable spirit, as symbolized by the wavy pattern that is like both the undulations of Keris and the sea waves hitting the reef.

SCRIIN Decorative Hanging Divider
SCRIIN Decorative Hanging Divider

SC3 | Mandalika

Mandalika patterns contain meaningful philosophies and bears intellectual meaning for Bantenese Batik. The name itself based on the title given to Prince Arya Mandalika for the spreading of the Islamic religion in Banten, Indonesia, synonymous with the majesty’s historical story.

SC4 | Kambang

Beauty of the masterpiece symbolized on flower pattern. Unexpectedly, flowers are often found in many batik from regions from Sabang to Merauke, all around Indonesia. Each region has its unique ways to drawn the flowers gracefully and elegantly.

SCRIIN Decorative Hanging Divider
SCRIIN Decorative Hanging Divider

SC5 | Sirangan

Sirangan or Sasirangan is a traditional South Kalimantan Batik with distinct Banjar motifs. The particular motif and type of clothing were designed with the guide of a traditional healer or spiritual elder for purposes of spiritual ceremonies.

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