About Us

Vecho acoustic panels represent an innovative acoustic solution, crafted from recycled plastic bottles to contribute to sustainability by reducing plastic waste. Designed to absorb sound, enhance speech clarity, and embody aesthetic values, Vecho addresses reverberation and background echo with both functionality and visual appeal.

Vecho’s holistic approach takes into account both functionality and aesthetics. Vecho panels, lightweight and semi-rigid, offer not just acoustic benefits but also a canvas for limitless creative possibilities. Guided by expert acoustic consultants, customization options allow clients to align acoustic environments with their unique preferences and aesthetic visions.

Vecho’s dedication to functionality and sustainability extends beyond the physical appearance of the panels. Vecho consultants work closely with Architects, Interior Designers, and project owners to tailor solutions that meet specific acoustic needs while considering the technical challenges posed by each space. This personalized approach ensures optimal acoustic performance while contributing to a sustainable future.

Crafted with premium recycled materials and cutting-edge technology, Vecho’s panels guarantee exceptional performance and longevity. Our impact extends beyond functionality, championing creativity for artists, musicians, and content creators in acoustically optimized spaces.

Recognizing diversity in acoustic design, Vecho offers tailored solutions showcased in our portfolio. At the forefront of the industry, Vecho redefines acoustic excellence by seamlessly integrating design, functionality, and sustainability in every space – from bustling offices to serene home theaters and vibrant recording studios.

Make yourself comfortable, Acoustically.

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