About Us

About Us

@work is driven by an ever restless team of creative and eccentric professionals, pledging to deliver innovative living and workplace designs, functional furniture, and construction excellence in spatial environment that surpasses every customer’s expectation.


Making it easy for everyone to create Living and Work space.


To become the best regional interior solution provider

We explore the processes of construction and incorporate various building materials into desired geometry form

@work comprehensive solutions ranges from interior design, furniture manufacturing and interior contracting. Synergies merged through our experienced human resources enable assurance in accurate contract estimation, excellent comprehension of construction technicalities, and savvy knowledge of materials to deliver designs into remarkable reality

Space Planning

Space planning is critical to the success of every project. We listen to our client’s requirement and apply best practices to ensure functions and objectives are met.

Interior Design

We Integrate extensive research in functional designs and aesthetic art to achieve pleasing solution to every working and living environment.


Equipped with state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, we apply our extensive knowledge in furniture manufacturing for standard and customised furniture


Our experienced team deliver design into remarkable reality with eye on
detail in every material application, with focus on schedule and budget.