Konsultasi Gratis Desain dan Furniture

Free Workspace Consultation (Term & Condition)


free workspace consultation is provided by Atwork. Atwork is one of HighPoint Business unit which is focus on design consultation and construction services. We will give a best solution for your Office and Retail Interior Needs.

Our term and condition for free consultation

1. Customers can make an appointment with Atwork team through our customer service or live chat area. It’s free of charge. We will give you our solution to meet your desired design concept
2. Free Workspace consultation consist of
3. Rough sketch (hand writing) for design illustration
4. Suggestions and feedbacks related to customer needs and wants in accordance with applicable design principles
5. Please note, our free consultation is not including several scopes as bellow
6. Design consultation services: project study, design proposal, technical drawing (Inc. ME), material selection and specification, project costing and time schedule plan
7. Construction services: Project control, project management, supervision, material procurement

Here with our competitive Advantages,

1. Integrated package
2. Competitive pricing with maximum quality
3. Design Consultant
a. Space transformer, transform your space with a touch of our little magic comprise of conceptual, layout plan and versatile system furniture
b. Professional interior design, we focus on analyzing and studying your corporate image (wants) and branding to recommend you with the best solution for your company (needs)
c. Design intelligent, A part of aesthetic appeal, we also emphasize on functionality and practically as a “must have” element in our design stage
4. Construction
a. Dedicated and professional ‘A’ team
b. Advance and accountable project manager in coordinating all aspects from inception to completion
c. Strict quality control following US Military Standard
d. Accurate and timely distribution through computerized ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)
e. Highly Responsive customer service 24 hours response guaranteed
5. Aftersales: guarantee until 6 months, we always provide strong after sales and services and maintain strong relationship with our clients
6. Trusted Company: Our company established for more than 20 years as a company that has many facilities support, such as: factories, warehouse and showroom. We just have many associate channels that spread throughout Indonesia