CASE Furniture

Case Hanging Box PCI002-01-00

Creating an atmosphere that specifically suit an individual’s style and taste can be an adventure. Case presents customized furniture that is simple and practical, configured to match up to specific details as style, dimension and color. Creating your own interior style has never been so easy.

Case Wall Hanging Box offer limitless storage configuration with up to date function and features such as concealed wire access, USB Charging ports, and vertical storage space. Optional bases in chrome metal, and wood panels are also available.

Various wood tone and accessories such as drawer handles can offer different style and feel. Configuring CASE to its details will project unique individual styles

Product Range


  • 18 mm Thickness Melamine Face Chipboard (MFC)
    Non Toxic
    E1 Grade wood with minimal formaldehyde emission.
    Non Hazardouz to health.
    Does not cause eye irritation
  • Skin, Doors and drawer faces use MDF with PVC lamination (Membrane Press).
  • Long lasting, energy saving light for better appearance
  • No hidden area. Easy access for cleaning equipments.

Color Selection

  • White-Alder

  • White-Desert Oak

    White-Desert Oak
  • White-Mocha Maple

    White-Mocha Maple
  • White-Rose Wood

    White-Rose Wood
  • White-Elmwood

  • Grey-Alder

  • Grey-Desert Oak

    Grey-Desert Oak
  • Grey-Mocha Maple

    Grey-Mocha Maple
  • Grey-Rose Wood

    Grey-Rose Wood
  • Grey-Elmwood

  • Grey

  • White



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